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About Us?

Welcome to NB CHAIN ! We are a start-up US investing fund primarily focused on the Derivatives part of the crypto space where we have outsourced team of proficient, track record and verified traders yielding years of experience, who are privately KYC'd with us and have signed contracts with us to manage the company's assets under their portfolios that have proven with time and again to deliver monthly returns of 100% + on their spreadsheets.

Investing Funds?

Investing funds are pooled investment vehicles that can invest in a wide variety of products, including derivatives, foreign exchange, and publicly traded securities. They can be very volatile depending on the fund manager(s), often leading to high ROIs when managed properly. Most investment funds are not widely available to the public directly and are suited to sophisticate institutional investors who typically have sufficient means, expertise, and capacity. NB CHAIN believes in making and investing funds simple so every investor no matter how big or small their portfolios are can reap the benefits.


Derivatives are complex financial instruments that have value because they are connected to something else, called the underlying asset. The four most common examples of derivative instruments are Forwards, Futures, Options, and Swaps. With expert and knowledge of these markets, as apparent in investing funds, high ROIs can be realized with relatively low risk

Leverage Trading?

Leverage trading, in the most basic sense, is any type of trading that involves borrowing money or otherwise increasing the number of shares involved in a trade beyond the number of shares you could afford when paying in cash. The higher the risk, the greater the level of knowledge and experience required to manage the risk, which becomes even more important when trading leveraged products in a volatile market.
NB Chain enables investors to get in on the market by putting their assets in a secured farm with guaranteed ROIs covered by the hedge fund so that the fund managers can increase the company's equity and maintain larger positions.