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What is Blockchain?
Blockchain is an absolutely transparent form of storage where every individual participating has access to the full version. Once updated, it cannot be altered or tampered with but can only be added, and the update process occurs simultaneously on all computers in the network. If the original transaction data is changed after encryption, just another digital signature is needed to remind the entire network of what needs to be corrected.
What is NB Chain?
NB CHAIN is an asset management company (investing Fund) that allows Stable Coin pools to be utilized as vehicles for yielding high returns for depositors utilizing and allowing the deposits/investments to be allocated once every month to our fund managers and to be traded along with their portfolios to yield low risk/ high reward strategies with the risk being
  • Even Distribution of assets over 10 managers each with their trading strategy.
  • Different risk/reward ratios per manager to guarantee risk distribution mitigation.
  • Largest portion of open position equates to the manager's assets so careless trading is removed from the equation
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